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Food Delivery in DIFC


FoodClub At Your Fingertips

You can use FoodClub any time, anywhere.

Our mobile app is available free of charge for most devices and can be used anytime, anywhere to order your favorite meal and satisfy your cravings.

Are you craving for a hot platter of delicious pizza and don’t have time to go to your favorite restaurants? We understand the busy high-life of Dubai residents working in DIFC zone. That is why we have created a user-friendly portal for food deliveries all over the UAE. You don't have to wait for hours to get your mouth-watering feast. We provide an extensive range of restaurant and hotel deals in minimum amount possible. Our price range starts from 20 AED, and we will deliver the food right to your doorstep in minimum 30 minutes.

Our online ordering company brings conveniences to hungry foodies. Our mission is to provide fast and fun-filled eating experience in DIFC zone. You just have to follow 3 easy steps which start from selecting a restaurant, choosing deals and end at paying cash on delivery or via credit card. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at your comfort zone. There is also an option to pick vegan cuisine. We have renowned restaurants on board which provides Arabic, Korean, Thai, Lebanese, Italian, Mexican, Nigerian, Russian, Indian, Japanese, and many other continental feasts. So don't wait up and browse through the menu of, pizza, burger, salad, pasta to sushi, seafood and much more on Foodclub.

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