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Hello! We are FoodClub.
We make it easy for hungry customers to find and order from your restaurant

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  • 1. Extra Sales Opportunities
  • 2. Friendly Call Center
  • 3. Personal Account Management
  • 4. Promotion Opportunities
  • 5. No Hidden Fees
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  • 7. Understandable Analytics
  • 8. Photography Services

Get Your Favourite Food in 4 Simple Steps

  • It’s free to sign up and you only pay commission when you receive orders. You know exactly what you are paying and why at all times.
  • We offer individual account management services; this includes updating your profile, helping and translating your menu descriptions.
  • We can take high quality photographs of your menu items to add to your restaurant profile, tempting taste buds and maximizing profits.
  • Rather than just listing your menu, we use our years of food marketing experience to actively promote your restaurant for higher sales.
  • You know how to make and serve delicious food – and we know how to make our customers order it! Let us help you to grow your sales.
  • 100+ restaurants sign up to FoodClub every day, don’t let them take your customers. We can help you to maximise your delivery sales.
  • We can translate between English and Arabic, making your descriptions, food titles, nutritional facts and menu accessible to customers.
  • We provide regular updates and easy-to-understand information on your restaurant’s sales, views, promos and profit, with tailored advice.

FoodClub At Your Fingertips

You can use FoodClub any time, anywhere.

Our mobile app is available free of charge for most devices and can be used anytime, anywhere to order your favorite meal and satisfy your cravings.